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From the Director - January/February 2012

Dear Friends,

I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions. It’s not that I don’t have the resolve to make the changes they require. It’s not even the “resolution” that intimidates me; it’s the word “year.”

Blame my very short attention span, but I’m more likely to make weekly resolutions, like “This week, I’ll stop drink­ing coffee before noon.” Or “This week, I’ll be more patient with my 12-year-old daughter.” (Okay, that’s a daily resolution.) Or “This week, I’ll get more sleep.” Of course, that’s only if I didn’t break the resolution about the coffee. . . But you get the picture. I admit it’s tough for me to stick with something for an entire year. And maybe that’s because I’ve never looked to the library to help me keep my resolutions! Regardless of what you resolve to do in 2012, your library has the information and resources you need to accomplish your goals.

Want to read more?

Start with our Best of 2011 selections here, where you can rate and comment on this year’s top picks!

Planning to eat more vegetables?

Check out our wonderful vegetarian cookbooks.

Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint?

Check out a kilowatt meter. (Ask a staff member.)

Ready to learn a foreign language?

Mango Languages is easy to use and available online here.

Want to give more of your time?

Volunteer at the library by calling 929-3436 or join the Friends of RCPL at

Ready to complete that household project?

Check out our DIY videos and books.

If you are going to make that list of resolutions, do me a favor and add “Meet new people.” There’s no better way to expand your circle of friends than visiting the library. Take your child to storytime and you’ll meet other parents of toddlers. Take a Zumba class and you’ll meet others interested in fitness. Visit our Gallery at the Main Library and run into other art lovers.

At the library, you’re sure to meet someone a staff member or customer who shares your interest. Just think, if you visit us weekly (add that to the list!), you’ll potentially have 52 new friends to help you keep your resolutions.

Here’s hoping your library helps to make 2012 your best year ever!


Melanie Huggins