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From the Director - January/February 2013

Have you ever caught sight of yourself in a mirror and thought “Maybe it’s time for a new look?” Could be those acid washed jeans you can still rock (good for you!) or that closet full of plaid flannel shirts and Doc Martens that are still your go-to wardrobe staples. Or maybe you have a haircut that could just as easily be from 1963 as 2013? On the outside, you look dated and out of touch, but inside you still feel young and vibrant? That’s exactly how we felt.

Guess who’s starting the year with a makeover? It’s your very own library! Noticed? We sure hope so. We’ve got a new, contemporary look that better reflects how we and our customers feel about what we do. Hopefully you’ve noticed the new logo on our signs and the shortened name – bringing the focus to the word “library.” Our new tagline, “Access Freely,” is exactly how we want you to use and think of all the wonderful resources we offer.

But while much of this may sound cosmetic, our makeover is more than skin deep. For the past two years, our staff has been working hard to change who we are from the inside out. Like any good company, we understand that we have promised things to you and we intend to deliver. We promise to be:

Welcoming – We are not only friendly, we are familiar. We pride ourselves on our hospitality and treat our customers like guests.
Caring – You use the library because you need something we have to offer – but the reason you’ll return is because you know we care.
Committed to Offering You the Best – We are passionate about what we do. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve.
Helpful – We jump at the chance to help. We are flexible and try to eliminate barriers. We always work to put “Yes” before “No.”
Fresh and Fun - We work to be current and interesting. We look for ways to have fun at work, to share our passions and interests with you.

Ever used the saying "Pretty is as pretty does?" That's what comes to mind when I read our promises. No matter how exciting our makeover is, how we act is what people will remember.


Melanie Huggins, Executive Director


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