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Strategic Plan

Enhance the Customer Experience

As part of our 2013 - 2016 Strategic Plan, we will focus on enhancing the customer experience at every turn. We are committed to ensuring our customers have useful, usable and enjoyable library experiences.

Goal 1: Provide exceptional service at each touch-point

  • We will be preferred destinations and points of pride for our community.
  • Our customer experience will consistently exceed expectations.

Goal 2: Provide ongoing opportunities for customers to have a voice in services and the direction of the library

  • Customers will receive quick acknowledgement and feedback on their suggestions.
  • Our customers will be recognized as valued contributors to our Web site

Goal 3: Make it easier and more convenient to interact with the library

  • Increase the number of cardholders who actively use their library cards to access library resources.
  • Maximize the customer's use of existing library resources and investments.