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African American History

Ron S. -

Today in History with a Twist: August 28, 2013

I Have a Dream!      About a quarter million people marched on Washington today (1963) in the 'March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom'.  The rally is one of the largest political rallies... More 
Ron S. -

Today in History with a Twist: August 13, 2013

War Games?      Not having heard about the armistice that had been signed the day before, American and Spanish forces staged a fake battle that had been planned over the previous week that... More 
Sarah G. -
Most histories of the American civil rights movement focus on places like Montgomery, Little Rock, Birmingham, and Selma. Our hometown of Columbia, SC is a lesser recognized but important hotbed of meaningful civil rights activism in the 1960s and surrounding decades. South Carolina students, attorneys, and civil... More 
Freedom and Justice, Cecil Williams Captures the Columbia Civil Rights Struggle
Lisa -
In Freedom and Justice,  photographer Cecil Williams offers an eyewitness account of the legally segregated South of the 1950s. His moving photographs show people risking their lives to confront segregation and racism. He writes, "growing up colored in the Deep South in the fifties meant reaching adolescence in... More 
Melanie G. -

Blues on the Move

Y'all, I love the blues. One reason I do is because it’s got so much history attached to it right from its very beginnings. It mixes the restlessness of social upheaval with a longing for... More 
Debbie B. -

Jenkins Orphanage Band

The Jenkins Orphanage, founded 1891 in Charleston, SC, was well known as a learning ground for many jazz musicians. Many of the donations accepted by founder, Rev. Daniel Jenkins, included... More 
Debbie B. -

Peg Leg Bates (1907-1998)

Peg Leg Bates was a world famous dancer from Fountain Inn, SC. He appeared 15 times on the Ed Sullivan Show and danced twice for the King and Queen of England. What set him apart from other tap... More 
Debbie B. -

Eartha Kitt (1927-2009)

Eartha Kitt began her 1956 biography, Thursday's Child, with this simple fact: “I was born in a little town called North in South Carolina.” Putting together the pieces of Kitt's... More 
Alexis -

5 New Books for American History Lovers

I love history. I love it enough that I spent my college years reading it, writing about it, and listening to other history lovers talk about it. History comes in all stripes: Interested in the... More 


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