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African American History

Debbie B. -

John “Georgetown” Bassard

In 1920, the Jefferson Hotel hired 19-year-old John Bassard for a bellboy position. Over time, Bassard became the Bell Captain and stayed with the Jefferson until it was demolished in 1968.... More 
Debbie B. -

April 1963

In April 1963, U.S Attorney General Robert Kennedy arrived in Columbia to speak about the Kennedy administration’s concern about segregation and racial discrimination. While Kennedy praised South... More 
Crystal J. -
Join us at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, March 22, 2013, as Katherine Mellen Charron, author and associate professor of history at North Carolina State University discusses Freedom’s Teacher: The Life of Septima Clark. Charron gives an exhaustive look at the life of Septima Clark, a South Carolina educator and... More 
Debbie B. -

March 1963

Civil rights news moved away from Harvey Gantt and drifted back home to the midlands in March 1963. The United States Supreme Court remanded the convictions of 373 students in Orangeburg... More 
Debbie B. -

Martin Luther King Park, Columbia, SC

The renaming ceremony for Martin Luther King Park took place January 18, 1988. Community activist Anna Mae “Saint Anna” Dickson said to an emotional crowd, “The renaming of this park not only... More 
Debbie B. -

Lugenia Hammond's crusade

The Second Tennesee and First Rhode Island regiments arrived in Columbia in early November 1898 before heading off to the Spanish American War. They were the first troops to be stationed at the... More 
A five-volume set and supplement covering all aspects of the African-American experience from 1619 to the present day. Using biographies, historical essays, and thematic pieces, many written by foremost scholars, it addresses a... More 
This authoritative resource presents the people, places and times that defined an era and documents the launch of cultural development among African Americans in 1920s Harlem. This single volume contains almanac and biographies... More 
Ashley W. -

I, Too, Am America

The Coretta Scott King Award is given by the American Library Association (ALA) annually to outstanding African American authors and illustrators. This year’s recipient was Bryan Collier, an... More 
Crystal J. -
Celebrate African American History Month at the Richland Library and join us for Voices of Our People, an annual celebration of African American life, culture, art, and history. This event is a showcase of community talent featuring artists, singers, poets, dancers, and much more. Voices of Our People is being held at... More 


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