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American History

The period is extraordinarily important: The late twentieth century was a time of significant advances in science and technology. Space probes explored comets and the outer... More 
The events covered include the geopolitical events of the era--from World War II (1939-1945) and the Holocaust to the formation of the United Nations and the start of the Cold War in 1945, from the Korean War (... More 
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The First Irish in America

The Scots Irish were the first Irish immigrants in America, but their story is frequently forgotten by succeeding generations. This may be due to the fact they are considered the first culture to... More 
Designed for and written to be understood by high school students and college undergraduates, Encyclopedia of American Immigration offers a clear and innovative approach to immigration history that can also be used by... More 
Designed and written for high school students and college undergraduates, Historical Encyclopedia of American Business offers an inviting alternative to works on economic history aimed at graduate students and scholars. The... More 
The Twenties in America features long overviews and short entries discussing people, books, films, plays, and other important topics representative of that era. Every entry focuses on the topic or person during the 1920s in... More 
Part of the Salem History collection. In addition to the set's extensive coverage of such Depression-era subjects as the economic downturn, bank failures, Dust Bowl conditions, and unemployment and such transformational New... More 
Every decade in the 20th century is closely identified with at least one landmark event or major turning point. During the 1940's that key event was World War II. World War II not only fully preoccupied the United States and... More 
The Fifties in America covers topics such as rock and roll, Elvis Presley, and the Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954, all of which continued to have an impact in the 1960s. These and many other topics,... More 
Part of the Salem History collection. Salem Press's three-volume set, The Sixties in America, surveys the events and people of the 1960's, a turbulent decade that had a profound and lasting effect on the life and... More 


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