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Josiah Washington and family with Mayor Steven Benjamin

And the Winner is…

The Midlands’ very own Josiah Washington!  Viewers tuned in nationwide on August 1 to watch Jeopardy Kids Week, and witnessed Josiah claiming his total prize money for the day and the title of Jeopardy champion!

The same day that Jeopardy aired, Josiah was also recognized by Mayor Steve Benjamin with a prestigious Key to the City.  Josiah is the youngest recipient to receive a Key to the City by Mayor Benjamin.

Josiah credits the library with nurturing his lifelong quest for knowledge.  At a young age, he attended storytime, and the library has been a big part of his life from that moment forward.  Now, Josiah unselfishly gives his time to serve as a Junior Volunteer at Richland Library.

The majority of the resources Josiah used to prepare for his appearance on Jeopardy were from the Children’s Room at Main. He studied countless trivia books and almanacs, and librarians supplied him with suggestions for great websites to gather study materials.

When watching Jeopardy, Josiah enjoys the geography, pop culture, current events and history categories. Josiah knew that being on the show would be thrilling.

Josiah decided at the age of four that Jeopardy was on his bucket list. Cross that one off, Josiah, and congratulations to you and your family!


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