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Sarah G. -

5 Things for Kids to Do with Their Parents

I know you kids have questions about the world around us. Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why does the moon shine during the day? How to airplanes fly? How does Superman fly?... More 
mom and daughter reading
Krista A. -
Getting young children engaged in books can be a real challenge. Toddlers and preschoolers have boundless energy and their minds bounce from idea to idea at a million miles an hour. Just getting them to sit still through an entire book can be tough! While some children seem to love books from the moment they’re... More 
Freedom and Justice, Cecil Williams Captures the Columbia Civil Rights Struggle
Lisa -
In Freedom and Justice,  photographer Cecil Williams offers an eyewitness account of the legally segregated South of the 1950s. His moving photographs show people risking their lives to confront segregation and racism. He writes, "growing up colored in the Deep South in the fifties meant reaching adolescence in... More 
Ashley W. -

Hands on Art: Promoting Visual Literacy

Did you know that Richland Library offers an art program aimed toward promoting art education for your little ones? And did you know that allowing your children to experience,... More 
Sarah G. -

5 Books to Inspire Creative Crafting with Your Kids

Summertime is the perfect opportunity for unstructured arts and crafts! Not only is it fun to dive into a pile of art supplies or recycled materials, but expressive art can help children develop... More 
MaryKate -

The Man Behind the Art

I bet the name Storm Thorgerson doesn’t mean that much to you.  It should and I’ll tell you why. Thorgerson designed some of the... More 
Sheila D. -

Impressionism: Not Just Another Pretty Face

April 21st, 2013. That’s it. That’s the last day to see the spectacular show, Impressionism from Monet to Matisse, at the... More 
Ashley W. -

I, Too, Am America

The Coretta Scott King Award is given by the American Library Association (ALA) annually to outstanding African American authors and illustrators. This year’s recipient was Bryan Collier, an... More 


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