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Q What is the history of the Nathaniel Jerome Frederick House in Columbia?

Updated: Dec 21, 2014



Built in 1930, the house, located at 1416 Park St., was home to African American lawyer Nathaniel Jerome Frederick (1875-1938), who was admitted to the State Bar in 1913.  He was also principal of the former Howard School.  The building was the first law office for Frederick, who defended blacks on trial in the days of discrimination.  Located in the Vista district near the intersection of Park and Washington, the Frederick House was in the middle of what was then Columbia's black commercial district.  Many African Americans established businesses in this bustling section of the city.  Today, the house is one of the few remaining buildings from that segregated era, from about the late 1800s to the 1960s. Frederick was also a newspaper publisher.

Sources: The State, 4 January 2001, 14 June 1996; Walter Edgar, ed., The South Carolina Encyclopedia; The Palmetto Leader, 10 September 1938; Vennie Deas-Moore, Columbia, South Carolina; The Nathaniel Jerome Frederick House.

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