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Q How do I search the catalog?

Can I still find an alphabetical list of titles or authors?
Updated: Sep 26, 2017



The new Richland Library catalog has improved searching features. You can search the catalog in our website or go to the traditional catalog to limit your search to subject heading, title, author or series.

Search Tips:

  • A keyword search matches a word or words in any order.

  • Wildcard characters may be used to represent other characters. An asterisk (*) represents 0 or any number of characters and a question mark (?) represents 0 or 1 character.

  • Browse searching will return an alphabetic list by Title, Author, or Subject. To perform a browse search go to "Traditional catalog" and then "Search." There you can select browse from the drop-down menu.

  • Searches may be limited by field and/or type of material and the results list can be sorted by author, publication date, title and popularity.

  • You may create saved searches and title lists from your results. A saved search will send you an email update when there are new additions to the catalog based on your search, and saved lists are stored in your Account.

Here are some quick video tutorials showing how to search our new catalog:

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