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Q How do I find books on specific subjects?

I do not have title of author, just a key word for the particular subject.
Updated: Dec 21, 2014

There are a couple ways to find books by subject. First, go to the traditional catalog. Click "Search" and choose "Keyword." In the "Limit By" box, choose "Subject" to search by the subject headings for our books.

As in all libraries, we use official Library of Congress Subject Headings. These are great for reference librarians but not always the words you would use to describe something. For this reason, you may want to leave the "Search by" limit to "Any Field" and just type in a single word that best describes your topic. Then you can click the "Related" boxes on the right to filter and refine your search. You can also click the "Subject" links within the full display for a book to find more books on the specific topic you need.

I have created two short videos showing these search strategies below:

Subject Keyword Search

Keyword Search with Subject Links

If you need our assistance finding books on your topic you can always contact us with your topic and we will create a list and email it to you.

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