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Q How would I search newpaper articles (The State) between 1985-1987?

I see the historical section ends in 1984 and America's News search runs from 1987 to current. Is there a way to search in between, online or in person?
Updated: May 06, 2014

You are correct that we now have online access to The State in two separate modules in Newsbank, but there is a gap in the online coverage for 1985 - 1987. We hope to acquire these years in the near future, but currently those gap years are only available in the library on microfilm. We have a list of subjects and dates of articles in The State for those years on the third level of Main in the Walker Local and Family History Center, and the newspaper microfilm is on the second level at Main in the News Department.

For further assistance contact us through the website or by calling the News Desk at (803) 929-3405 or the Walker Local and Family History Center at (803) 929-3402.

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