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Q Is there a way to create a list of books that I want to read?

Updated: Apr 29, 2014

You can make a list for future reference by using the traditional catalog and traditional account. To do this, go to "Search traditional catalog" on the website and then "My Account." Log in to your account and then click "Search" to conduct a keyword search by your favorite author, titles, subjects, etc. When you find a title that you would like to save for future reference, click "Add to My List" on the right. You will be prompted to add the title to a "working list" or to a list that you have previously created and saved (if you have one).

As you fill your working list click "Show list details" on the right to see all of titles you have added. At the top, click "Create new saved title list" and you will be able to save and name your "working list" and access it any time you need from your Traditional Account. You can create many saved lists and move items from one list to another. The lists all link to our catalog so you can always see the availability of each title or place a title on request from your list.

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