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Q What is a Playaway?

I am looking for an audiobook. How does a Playaway work? What is a Playaway View?
Updated: May 06, 2014

Playaways are audiobooks packaged on a single small digital player. They are easy to use and contain a single audiobook. Richland Library has Playaway titles for adults, teens, and children. You will need to supply your own headphones and AAA battery. Richland Library also offers Playaway Views for children which contain video programs in a single toddler-friendly player.

Browse our Playaway and Playaway View titles and limit results with the filters on the left.  You can also search by using the term "playaway" as one of the words in your catalog search.  Use "playaway view" as your search term to bring up a list of these items in the catalog.

What must I have to use a Playaway?
You must have your own headphones or earbuds. Playaways are powered by a AAA battery, and you may need to replace that as well. A standard AAA battery will provide 12 hours of playing time, enough for most books.

How do I operate the Playaway?
The Playaway is controlled by 8 buttons that allow the listener to turn the device on and off, to control the speed of the narrator's voice, and to fast forward and reverse. The Playaway will start playing at the point where you last stopped it. Pressing the reverse button once will move it back one chapter. To return to the beginning of a book, press the reverse button repeatedly, watching the display screen until it indicates you are at the introduction or first chapter.

How long may I borrow Playaways? May I place holds on them? Are they renewable?
The lending period for a Playaway is 3 weeks. Holds can be placed on them, and they may be renewed 5 times if no one else is waiting for them.

Can I use Playaways in my car?
Yes. Playaways are compatible with commonly available cables so you can listen to these audiobooks through your car speakers.

How can I find Playaways in the library catalog?
Do a keyword search on the term "playaway."

How do I change the battery?
Locate the battery clip at the wide base of the player. Then, use your thumb, a coin, or a screwdriver to push the clip, allowing you to unsnap and remove the cover. Replace the battery and snap the cover back into place.

How do I know how much battery life is left?
A small battery icon displays on the screen, reflecting four levels of battery life. When one bar is left in the battery icon, you have 20% power left.

May I add, delete or transfer content to or from a Playaway?
No. In order to protect the copyrighted works of authors and publishers as traditional books do, you cannot add, delete or transfer content.

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