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Q Have you stopped buying DVDs of new releases?

I always request DVDs but today I have looked up 3 recent movies (Monuments Men and Non-stop are the two I really want), and only the Blu-Ray has been ordered. Have you stopped buying DVDs of new releases?
Updated: Dec 11, 2014

Thank you for asking. We are still buying DVDs but many new titles are coming as a "Combo Pack." This is a case with both the DVD and Blu-Ray versions included, which means that you can place this title on hold and then watch whichever copy works in your player. Monuments Men and Non-Stop are both combo packs, so you can get on the request list for these titles regardless of the type of player you have. The movie case and the icon in the catalog both show a Blu-Ray, but you can click on the "Full Display" to see if the DVD is included too. The DVD filters on the right also will bring up this title if a DVD is included. Look for the words "Blu-Ray/DVD Combo" in the full display.

Publisher, Date: [United States] : Columbia, 2014.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: PG-13.
Requests: 93
Available copies: 0 (of 12)
Publisher, Date: [United States] : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, 2014.
Target Audience Note: MPAA rating: PG-13.
Requests: 38
Available copies: 0 (of 12)

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