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Appropriate for adults and seniors.

Written By: Lavin, Arthur; Glaser, SusanPublished By: Wiley,... More 
Written By: Orion, RaePublished By: Wiley, 2007 ... More 
Kelly J. -

Fresh and Exciting Vegetarian Cookbooks

As a longtime vegetarian and enthusiastic home chef, I am constantly seeking new ideas and inspiration. There are many wonderfully creative vegetarian cookbooks available and it seems that more... More 
Susan L. -
        ... More 
Succeed at IQ Tests contains 400 questions, typical of those you are likely to encounter in actual IQ tests. The questions are organised into 10 timed tests, each of 40 questions, together with a guide for assessing your... More 
Get off the dieting roller coaster and stopovereating at its source--the brain The brain is an adaptable organ, one that is always learning and always rewiring itself. One of thereasons so many people struggle to... More 
Your definitive guide for helping your speech-impaired child--cowritten by two in-the-trenches experts When a child has communication problems-- diagnosed or not--parents are first looking for a place to go for help... More 
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At sunset on October 26, 1975, Blue Sky's mural Tunnelvision was revealed before "several thousand awed spectators," according to an article from The Gamecock in our local... More 
Military transformation can be understood as comprising three overlapping and sometimes competing "layers" - the conventional-force dominated revolution in military affairs, a more recent irregular warfare emphasis and a... More 
Lori C. -
Arts and Crafts are not just for children anymore! In 2011,, an online market for independent crafters, generated $525.6 million in sales thanks to its 17 million members and 800,000 shops. Have you thought about crafting your way to extra income? Join a panel of local crafters and artists as they share... More 


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