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Appropriate for all ages; does not necessarily contain elements appropriate for children and their caregivers.

Jennifer -
The latest space at the Richland Library’s downtown location is dedicated to all things teen, but designed with parents in mind. Parents and teens can take comfort in the knowledge that our new teen center has a number of safety features in place alongside resources to help growing minds flourish. The new area will be... More 
Melissa T. -

How does our garden grow?

With peppers, basil and marigolds. And squash, squash and squash. Update: June 27, 2013. The squash plants are really taking off. They obviously love the sun and heat of an SC summer. The... More 
Ashley W. -

Hands on Art: Promoting Visual Literacy

Did you know that Richland Library offers an art program aimed toward promoting art education for your little ones? And did you know that allowing your children to experience,... More 
ThomasM -

Tame The Web

How does the Internet work? It is designed to work for you, but the instructions can get complex. There are many tools to help you learn, though. A crash course in the basics of HTML (Hyper... More 
Sarah G. -

Five Good Lessons From Bad Examples

Whether painting on walls, terrorizing younger siblings, or refusing to wear proper footwear, the kids in these books are certainly misbehaving! What better way to discuss polite behavior with... More 
Melanie G. -

Blues on the Move

Y'all, I love the blues. One reason I do is because it’s got so much history attached to it right from its very beginnings. It mixes the restlessness of social upheaval with a longing for... More 
Sara M. -
If you’ve seen our July/August issue of Access¸ you probably can’t wait to see Josiah Washington, one of our junior volunteers, compete on Jeopardy Kids! We’re all so proud of Josiah and his family and can’t wait to celebrate his appearance. I had the opportunity to appear on Jeopardy!... More 
Melanie H. -

From the Director - July/August 2013

Your library is constantly improving and come July, our most innovative space to date opens. Our new Teen Center on the first level... More 
Sarah G. -

Moo, Quack, Oink: Celebrate Animal Noises with your Toddler!

"What does a cow say?" This question has been uttered by countless parents (and teachers) over the centuries. Identifying animals and the sounds they make is a form of labeling, allowing... More 
Besty C. -

Are You Prepared?

It’s devastating to witness the destruction that natural disasters can cause, in just a matter of minutes. And while we can’t prevent these occurrences, being prepared can certainly protect us... More 


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