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Appropriate for all ages; does not necessarily contain elements appropriate for children and their caregivers.

Debbie B. -

March 1963

Civil rights news moved away from Harvey Gantt and drifted back home to the midlands in March 1963. The United States Supreme Court remanded the convictions of 373 students in Orangeburg... More 
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South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominees 2013-2014

The 2013-2014 South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominees can be checked out from Richland Library. Get your hands on a copy, today! More 
Sarah G. -
Plantation owner, Revolutionary War patriot, wealthy heiress, and mother-in-law of Major-General Thomas Pinckney -- Rebecca Brewton Motte is one fascinating woman. Celebrate Women's History Month and join Richland Library Literary Resident Chris Weatherhead -- star of film, stage, and TV -- as she takes you on a... More 
Debbie B. -

Batter up at Palmetto Park?

Capital City Stadium has a long recreational history. As early as 1825 the Mills Atlas shows a “Fishers Mill Pond” located on the property. In 1852 the Charleston Courier reported that the... More 
Susan L. -

Brand New Look for OverDrive ebooks

Richland Library's downloadable ebook and audiobook collection available through OverDrive is getting a brand new... More 
Chantal W. -

Out of This World Books and Movies: 2012 Nebula Awards Nominees

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have announced their nominees for the 2012 Nebula Awards, the Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation and for the Andre Norton... More 
Debbie B. -

Martin Luther King Park, Columbia, SC

The renaming ceremony for Martin Luther King Park took place January 18, 1988. Community activist Anna Mae “Saint Anna” Dickson said to an emotional crowd, “The renaming of this park not only... More 


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