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Appropriate for all ages with an element of interest for children and their caregivers.

Leah B. -

New Arrivals for Children | October 8, 2013

Check out some of our newest arrivals for children, below, or drop by any Richland Library location for more great options. More 
Provides a comprehensive readers advisory for children's and young adult literatures to help readers independently choose titles of interest published in the last year. Features approximately 2,200 entries listing everything... More 
Ellen B. -

A Bright Exchange

The world changed in October of 1879. Thomas Edison produced the first long-burning incandescent light bulb. Lighting before his invention was a risky proposition exposing people to the... More 
Leah B. -

New Arrivals for Children | October 2, 2013

Check out some of Richland Library's newest seasonal titles for children, below. More great books can be found at any Richland Library location, so be sure to drop by! More 
Provides in-depth coverage of neurological diseases and disorders, including stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, Tourette Syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, cerebral palsy, vertigo, amnesia, and epilepsy, targeted to... More 
Provides in-depth coverage of pediatric diseases and disorders, with issues related to physical and cognitive and behavioral development. Covers every major body system. There is a distinct emphasis on health issues affecting... More 
Christy S. -

Swamp Fever

No one in my family understands it. I detest bugs. I fear snakes. And Spanish moss gives me the willies. But I love swamps. Love them. Maybe it’s the mysteriously murky water, the... More 
Leah B. -

New Arrivals for Children | September 25, 2013

Check out these new arrivals for children, or drop by your favorite Richland Library location for more great options! More 
Laura V. -
Like comic books, graphic novels, and manga? Come join us at the Southeast Branch as we celebrate National Comic Book Day! Graphic novels bring stories to life in a uniquely visual way. With dynamic stories of heroes and villains, fantasy and... More 
This new supplement explores all aspects of extinctions and extinct life, featuring approximately 80 articles outlining major extinctions and related scientific areas. Entries are written by nationally renowned subject experts... More 


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