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School age children

Appropriate for children from kindergarten to around 5th grade.

Features the outer solar system and discusses asteroids, meteors and meteorites, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, and comets.
Examines the diverse features of our galaxy's planets farthest from the sun and our attempts at discovering more knowledge of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
Covers the diverse array of objects that are found within the solar system, including dwarf planets, asteroids and meteors.
Provides a study of the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as information on the Andromeda Galaxy and other galaxies scattered across the cosmos.
Examines the era long before humans, where dinosaurs were once masters of land, sky, and sea.
Spanning from the earliest published examples dating to 16th C. Europe, through the Declaration of Independence, to the 2006 Euston Manifesto, this work describes the authors and their causes, as well as the social, political,...
Provides historical, cultural and social context of works that focus on armed conflict throughout the world and time. It highlights the realities of war, its impact on society, and how it affects our understanding of it.
Examines the vibrant prose and dynamic range of both Spanish and Latin American authors, whose narratives are informed as much by their imaginations as the turbulent histories of these native lands.
Contains 300 entries that explore literary works that deal with propaganda. The set includes a wide variety of genres and has an international scope. It explores the works of authors shaped by a variety of political, social, and...
This collection examines works that chronicle a life or are compiled from narrated memories. The entries focus on autobiographies, diaries, journals and oral histories from around the world and various time periods to bring us...


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