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School age children

Appropriate for children from kindergarten to around 5th grade.

This book examines the many causes and effects of bacterial, viral, and other forms of disease, as well as the various steps taken over time to mitigate the damaging consequences of infection. More 
Provides insight into both regional and global issues by addressing fundamental and advanced topics critical to the study of human geography and places special emphasis on exploring the impact of human habitation and economic... More 
Uses illustrations and photographs to detail the cellular level, childbirth and fetal development, micro organisms, and common diseases of the human body. More 
Uses illustrations and photographs to detail the organs, functions, and systems of the human body. More 
Traces the history of land that is beloved and claimed by two cultures that share a common past and have been inexorably linked for centuries, based primarily on their love for, and claim to, a common homeland. More 
This new supplement explores all aspects of extinctions and extinct life, featuring approximately 80 articles outlining major extinctions and related scientific areas. Entries are written by nationally renowned subject experts... More 
Covers evolution in detail and explores it from a scientific viewpoint. Includes comprehensive coverage of recent ideas and discoveries in the field of evolution. More 
Examines grazers all over the Earth, how they provide vital nourishment for carnivores, and how they are valuable to humans for meat, skins, and various domestic uses. More 
Examines the science behind the greenhouse effect, identifies the human role in and response to climate change, and explores the various effects of this worldwide phenomenon. More 
Examines glaciers and sea ice to better understand why they are vital to sustaining aquatic ecosystems and regulating ocean water temperature. More 


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