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Black History

Ashley W. -

I, Too, Am America

The Coretta Scott King Award is given by the American Library Association (ALA) annually to outstanding African American authors and illustrators. This year’s recipient was Bryan Collier, an... More 
Debbie B. -

Integrating Columbia's Lunch Counters

For 8 1/2 minutes 50 Allen and Benedict students sat down at the "white" lunch counter in Woolworth's on March 2, 1960. The Woolworth'sDepartment Store at the 1400 block of Main Street was one of... More 
Debbie B. -

Annie Greene Nelson

Sometimes, at Richland Library, we forget the many talented Columbians that we have had the pleasure of honoring and admiring over our long history. Recently, we were reminded of popular novelist... More 
Laura K. -

Black History Month

Giants of history and unsung heroes shine in the books listed below.  Read how these African Americans changed America for the better. Take a glimpse into history and learn tolerance through their... More 


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