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Sheila D. -

Memory Lost & Found

I used to feel great anxiety over my forgetfulness. I thought of it as a sign of - gasp! - aging. Later, I began to realize that I was forgetting so much I was worrying less; I guess I just kept... More 
Bland -


If you are a Boomer, or even a Gen-X'er, you will probably recognize this lament as Charlie Brown's response to the recurring crises in his life - another shutout loss by his baseball team, the... More 
Joanna B. -

South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominees 2011-2012

"The purposes of the South Carolina book awards are to encourage our students to read good quality contemporary literature and to honor the authors of the books annually chosen the favorites by... More 
Kelly J. -

Read This: Eccentrics and Eccentricities

Daily grind getting you down? Need an escape from the ordinary? Check out some of these books and celebrate the wild, weird, and wonderful variety of our world. Banvard's Folly:... More 
Margaret D. -

Top 10 Reasons I Love My Sony E-Reader

10. My e-reader automatically keeps track of where I left off so I don’t have to hunt for quick bookmark substitutes. 9.  No more cold fingers while reading in bed.  I can put my hands... More 
Kelly J. -

Read This: Mind Bending Non-Fiction

One of the great things about reading non-fiction is that one book can change the way we look at the world. These readable titles offer different and compelling perspectives on what makes the... More 


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