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Books for Children

Contains articles that explore different formats of art, from visual to performing, as well as brief biographies of influential artists from the past and present. More 
Examines easily recognizable shapes and their names using everyday items as examples. Includes activities to reinforce the theme. More 
Discusses commonly visited places and locales in a neighborhood, city, and country as well as the many forms of transportation that are used to get there. More 
Explores the concepts and real life applications of numbers by using illustrations, rhymes and a focus on the interaction between the reader and the text. More 
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Like comic books, graphic novels, and manga? Come join us at the Southeast Branch as we celebrate National Comic Book Day! Graphic novels bring stories to life in a uniquely visual way. With dynamic stories of heroes and villains, fantasy and... More 
Discusses social cooperation and the importance of strong, positive relationships and includes interactive activities throughout the text. More 
Uses interactive activities scattered throughout the text to engage readers in discovering more about themselves and encouraging self-expression. More 
Presents games, puzzles, animal facts, art projects, and instructions for making a musical instrument and growing an indoor garden. More 
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New Arrivals for Children | September 18, 2013

Check out some of Richland Library's newest arrivals for children, below. More 
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Today in History with a Twist: September 13, 2013

Baltimore Holds!      The war has turned in America's favor with our victory over the British in Baltimore Harbor.  The victory denied the British access to the strategic port city (1814... More 


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