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Apps for Children: Jungle Coins and iAllowance

Kids love technology and, let’s face it, games make learning fun. These iPad Apps will help your family get a handle on money:

Jungle Coins is the perfect tool to get young children excited about money. They can practice identifying coins, counting coins and learn how to compare different values. One of the best features of this app is the game that encourages kids to calculate correct change. With a jungle animal that roars its approval every time you get a right answer, kids will want to play with this app again and again. $2.99/ Apple Store

The American Institute of CPAs recently reported that the average weekly allowance is $15. In a year, this amount could add up to enough money to buy an iPad, several eReaders and still have money left to spend. Only 1% of these same families reported that their children saved any part of their allowance.

Help your children stay on track with saving and with their chores with the iAllowance app. Not only will it motivate them to get their chores done, it will also keep everyone on the same page. The app can be shared over multiple devices and personalized with cool features like photos of your children. In addition to keeping track of allowance earned, you can also pick rewards for a job well done--like a new book or extra time playing video games. $3.99/Apple Store