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Kickstart the Emergency Fund

What if you’re having trouble finding money to put aside for a rainy day? Here are some ideas to help you think of new ways to bring in some cash for an emergency fund:

  • One of the best ways to generate cash in a hurry is to sell something. Look around you. Someone (probably you) paid for what you are looking at. Chances are you don’t need all of it. Selling it can kick-start an emergency fund. So have a garage sale. Sell big-ticket items on Craigslist. Or…
  • Did you know you can sell used books, textbooks, CDs, and DVDs to You go to Amazon’s buyback webpage, put it the barcode of the item into the search bar and Amazon will tell you if they are willing to give you credit for the item. THEN Amazon pays for the shipping. You just have to box it up and slap the free shipping label on it. No, you won’t get a lot of money and the money will be in the form of an Amazon gift card. But I have done some of my Christmas shopping this way for a couple of years.
  • Do you have a talent or service you can charge for? Bake cakes? Sing? Play an instrument? Mow lawns? Cut hair? Pet sit? Paint walls? Run errands for homebound people? Make soap? Make-up artist? The possibilities are endless, so get creative. You don’t have to do it full-time, but make a commitment to save the money you earn.
  • Save all the change you get back or find. (Hint: There is a lot of fallen change to be found near vending machines and parking meters!) There won’t be enough to send you on a European vacation, but every little bit helps! Your bank or credit union probably has a free coin counting machine, so make sure you ask before spending hours rolling coins.
  • Start to think creatively about generating more cash to help you reach your savings goals. You never know how much you might save!


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