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Earth to Kepler 186f

Scientists announced on 17 April that a planet has been detected in a solar system five hundred light years away that possibly has Earth-like conditions – not too hot or cold and capable of possessing liquid water, the essential precondition for the development of life.

Superhero Showdown: Round One

On Monday, April 14, teens gathered for the Superhero Showdown, a debate-style program in which comic book characters from the DC and Marvel franchises are pitted against each other to determine who would win in a one-on-one fight to the finish (defined as knockout, death, or forfeit).

We’re seeking to hire a Library Associate, Full-time for the Richland Library St. Andrews!

Richland Library is seeking someone who is energetic and outgoing; who has a positive attitude. The individual we are seeking engages well with others, is passionate about delivering top-notch customer service, and understands the needs of our customers.