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What's Your Brand? Answer these 3 Questions!

Personal Career Branding is the new buzz word for Job Seekers but what does it really mean? Your brand is a brief and memorable statement about your unique value to your target audience. Learn how to craft your key message with a Career Coach on Thursday, December 5, from 3-5pm in the Business and Job Center!

Give Books! Great Holiday Gifts for Children

Why books? Long after the wrapping paper, ribbon and boxes are gone, books will be pulled out again and again. These stories will help us go to sleep, calm our fears and make us dream. The characters found in the books we share become part of our family and their stories become part of our own.

Don't be a Job Seeker...Be a Career Manager!

Job Seekers wait until they need a job to look for one; Career Managers invest in their future by always preparing and looking for the next opportunity! Manage Your Career with these tips including retraining opportunities from Midlands Techinical College.