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Batter up at Palmetto Park?

Capital City Stadium has a long recreational history. As early as 1825 the Mills Atlas shows a “Fishers Mill Pond” located on the property. In 1852 the Charleston Courier reported that the temperature had dropped so much Columbians were ice skating on Fisher’s Mill Pond.

Gearing up for Spring… Who’s Hiring?

When you hear “seasonal” employment, most people think of Christmas but Spring is a wonderful time to find new job opportunities. Just think about what activities and services increase during Spring and start your search there.

A Needle Pulling Thread - Sewing in Storybooks

As a children’s librarian with a passionate love of worn quilts, my grandmother’s Bernina, bright craft felt, jars of buttons, stacks of cotton fat quarters, and rows of colored threads, it’s hardly surprising that I took notice of the following books for children released during the past few yea

Starting and Growing a Minority or Woman-Owned Small Business in SC

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a small business owner? Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. As an alternative to working for someone else, many job seekers today are considering small business ownership.