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From Slave Quarters to the Big House

Sunday promises to be an exciting day at Richland Library Main as we continue to celebrate Black History month. Please join us for a retelling of crucial events from 1963 and the Civil Rights Movement starting at 3 p.m in the Bostick Auditorium on Sunday, February 23, at Richland Library Main.

Ballet, Princesses and All Things Pink Part 1

If your little one twirls instead of walks, goes to sleep in her royal jewels and won't wear anything that isn't pink, then check out these books below. With more than 50 titles, we know that you will find a book that she begs to read again and again.

Spanish Language and Culture for Older Children

Some of these books take place in other countries, others higlight and celebrate features of Latino culture. Exposure to other cultures and languages at a young age expands a child's mind and gives them new, fresh perspectives on the world around them.