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5 Great History Novels

A great historical novel floods you with details you can see, hear, smell and touch and delivers you out of your time to someplace strange, new and wonderful. Below are five novels that did so for me. Tell me what books did so for you.

5 Guides to Palmetto State Staycations

Ah, summer! Visions of sweet tea and lemonade soaked afternoons, lazy days spent floating down one of our rivers, camping, fireflies, s'mores, sprinklers, and vacation. Alas, summer is also busy and some of us may only have time for one or two day trips or a weekend away.

5 Books to Bring Out Your Inner Child

As an alternative to the usual easy, breezy, beach reads, indulge in one of these smart, witty and whimsical books. Since they're written with a younger audience in mind, they'll satisfy your craving for a little light reading, without sacrificing substance.

Something New: May 28, 2013

Among this week’s new hardcover fiction releases you will find Dean Koontz’s sixth entry in the "Odd Thomas" series, Deeply Odd. If you enjoy books about the supernatural, you may enjoy Odd Thomas…he sees dead people and sometimes helps avenge their deaths.