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Top 10 Reasons I Love My Sony E-Reader

10. My e-reader automatically keeps track of where I left off so I don’t have to hunt for quick bookmark substitutes.
9.  No more cold fingers while reading in bed.  I can put my hands under the covers and still “flip” to the next page.
8.  The Sony e-reader holds more than 300 books.
7. The e-reader keeps track of how many days I have left to read a book before it expires.
6. I will never run out of books to read because there is 24/7 access to downloadable books.
5. It is now possible to read Stephen King in bed because all books are the same size in the e-reader.
4. The e-reader fits in my purse and backpack.
3. I don’t have to keep track of due dates.
2. No more fines.
1. The Richland County Public Library website lets me download a great selection of books free!


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