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New York Times Bestsellers at Richland Library, June 2, 2013

Looking for an exciting new read? Why not check out some of these hot titles from the June 2 edition of the New York Times Bestsellers list?

For links to these items in Richland Library's online catalog, see the list of books below. Additional bestselling lists are linked below.

Let’s Talk About A Piece of Cake

Stories of tragedy, triumph, trials, and tribulations are what Cupcake Brown retells in her memoir called A Piece of Cake. While the title of this book makes Cupcake’s life seem plain and uneventful, you soon find that her life is the exact opposite of what the phrase suggests.

Fast (and Slow) Food: 5 Cookbooks for Families On the Run

As summer winds down and we look toward the beginning of the school year, now is the perfect time to start thinking about those crazy evenings. Between sports, after school activities, homework, and work, parents have a lot to manage. Getting dinner on the table can be a pain.

Summer with a Stack of Books: finding your next favorite book with Novelist Plus

When I was a student, long ago, my ideal summer vacation was spent reading my way through a stack of books. I loved big thick historical novels and nonfiction books about the intrigues of the Tudor court or the exploration and settlement of the new world.

Jefferson Square

Our posts in May have been dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Jefferson Hotel opening at 1801 Main Street. It seems fitting, on the last day of May, to come full circle and finish with the end of the Jefferson Hotel era.