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What We're Talking About

It's All True! Nonfiction for Younger Children

What do tree frogs eat? How much is a million? Who traveled to the moon and how did they get there? Children love asking questions and what better way to answer them then by reading a good book together.

Books About Superheroes for Younger Children

This looks like a job for a superhero! These picture books and beginning readers are perfect for a child who leaps couches in a single bound and flies through the house at the speed of light. Enjoy these books about superheroes of all shapes and sizes!

Grimm's Fairy Tales for Children

If your reader loves adventures or fairy tales, check out this selection inspired by the Brothers Grimm! Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected hundreds of folktales and fairy tales, including variants of such popular ones as The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

If You Like Harry Potter, Then Try...

Wild about wizards? Can't get enough of magic and mayhem? Check out this list of Harry Potter read-alikes to discover your new fantasy favorite. The best news? You can check out 60 books with your Richland Library card. So, pile them on.

History for Young Children

To read a book set in the past is to live the lives of those who came before us. To know their fears, courage, and hope. Stories of adventure in history abound, and knowing about the past gives children a window into who we are now. The best news?