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Helpful Hints for Reading

The Richland Library Children’s Room would like to thank Tracey Ely from Tutor Eau Claire for her generous donation of fifty copies of her book Helpful Hints for Reading: A Guide for Those Helping Beginning or Struggling Readers.

Congratulations to our Spotlight Library Apprentices!

We have a great team of young volunteers who help us with the day to day work of the library and make it possible for us to provide the highest level of personal service to our customers.The following youth volunteers were selected as the Richland Library Spotlight Volunteers for the first quarte

Everyone is Employable!

The most recent job numbers show an alarmingly low rate of participation in the workforce. People are discouraged and giving up. But, have heart and join us this Thursday, February 6, from 12:00-1:00, in the Business and Job Center to learn more about how Everyone is Employable!