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Melanie H. -

From the Director - November/December 2012

Dear Friends, Recently and most assuredly by accident, I was asked to be a member of a writer’s group. Maybe it’s because I read a lot, and the person thought I’d add something by the way... More 
Melanie H. -

From the Director - September/October 2012

Dear Friends, Talk to any public librarian in the United States about what the profession values and I’ll bet you hear the phrase “freedom to read.” While you may never have considered your... More 
Melanie H. -

From the Director - July/August 2012

Dear Friends, It wasn’t all that long ago that I didn’t know how to type. I didn’t take typing in high school. The prevailing logic at the time was that kids going to college, not to an... More 
Melanie H. -

From the Director - May/June 2012

Dear Friends, Every Tuesday morning during the school year, you’ll find me with my knees tucked under a child-sized desk, leaning in and patiently listening, as a... More 
Melanie H. -

From the Director - March/April 2012

Dear Friends, This may sound odd coming from a librarian but when I talk about RCPL, I rarely mention the “b” word. After all, a book is to the library as food is to the grocery store,... More 
Melanie H. -

From the Director - January/February 2012

Dear Friends, I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions. It’s not that I don’t have the resolve to make the changes they require. It’s not even the “resolution” that intimidates me; it’s... More 


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