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Money, money, money. Earning it, spending it, saving it and investing it are all topics covered in the Financial Literacy resource. Smart money management is a skill that can be learned and the information and activities here... More 
CultureGrams provides quick cultural and statistical snapshots of the over 200 countries recognized by the United Nations. Compare countries, states or provinces using a list of statistical elements and create data tables... More 
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Consumer Affairs Communications Coordinator Juliana Harris stopped by the library and shared some excellent preventative measures that consumers can take to protect their identity in light of the recent SC DOR security breach. Here is a... More 
Each issue of Businessweek features in-depth perspectives on the financial markets, industries, trends, technology and people guiding the economy. Draw upon Businessweek's timely incisive analysis to help you make better... More 
FOREIGN POLICY is the premier, award-winning magazine of global politics, economics, and ideas. Our mission is to explain how the world works -- in particular, how the process of global integration is reshaping nations,... More 
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Nobel Prize Winners 2013

Swedish inventor and businessman, Alfred Nobel, mandated in his will “that his enormous fortune was to be used to establish prizes to award those who had done their best to benefit mankind in the... More 
Provides insight into both regional and global issues by addressing fundamental and advanced topics critical to the study of human geography and places special emphasis on exploring the impact of human habitation and economic... More 
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Today in History with a Twist: September 18, 2013

Bank Crashes! Panic Ensues!       1873 - One of the largest banks in the United states, Jay Cooke & Company, declares bankruptcy, triggering a series of bank failures known as the Panic... More 
Chronicles the history, development and current status of the world's most lucrative and high profile industries. Each entry covers size and economic/social impact of the industry; its organization and structure; its history... More 
Contains 270 entries, written in case-study style, that highlight interesting details including how a product originated and was first marketed, how it developed commercially and how it fares today compared with its competitors and... More 


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