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Blind Date with a Book Display at Main Level 2

Blind Date with a Book 2014

From August 1 through August 30, Richland Library Main, Richland Library Ballentine, Richland Library North Main, Richland Library Southeast, and Richland Library St. Andrews would like to “fix you up” on a blind date! No, we're not introducing a new dating service at the library, but we are encouraging you to enjoy a blind date with a book. We have selected a variety of books and wrapped them up in “mysterious” brown paper, so that you won’t know the identity of your blind date till you get them home.

You can find the Blind Date with a Book displays on the first, second, third levels and garden level of Richland Library Main. The books with blue labels are intended for an adult audience, the Teen Center staff has wrapped books for teens denoted with an orange label, and our Childrens Room staff have yellow-labeled books for the Tweens. Some participating branch locations will also be offering Tween and Teen choices, so be on the lookout for those as well.

The display titles include a mixture of fiction and nonfiction with a blend of genres and writing styles. Each wrapped book has a “personal ad” attached to it, and if you like what you “see,” check the book out, take it home and unwrap it, and then spend some time getting to know your date.

Look for exciting "personal ads" like these:

Adult selection (Main)

I'm short, but not sweet. In fact, I have several short stories, but none are sweet. Some are dark, some are deep, and some are hilarious. I am not your run of the mill book. Check me out!

Teen Selection (Teen Center Main)

A perfect boyfriend. Her soulmate...or is he? When the jealousy, put-downs, and threats become too much, one girl must decide between "love" and herself.

Tween Selection (Childrens Room Main)

Wouldn't you love to make things in a book come to life? Fairies, minstrels, magical creatures could all step out of the pages. You could live your favorite book! It sounds awesome, but maybe that power has consequences. Follow this fantasy adventure to find out!

Perhaps you will find the book of your dreams! However, if you find the book not to your liking, simply return the it to the library with no hurt feelings.

If you happen to check out one of our Blind Date Books, please leave us a comment below to let us know how the “date” went.


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