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Richland Library book trike

Richland Library Goes to NashiCon

Wondering what to do this weekend? Follow the Richland Library book trike to NashiCon for cartloads of manga-themed fun!

We'll be on the road to the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on Saturday, April 19 in time for BattleDecks at noon in Panel Room C (Richland 3). Whoever can improv the best presentation around the theme and never-before-seen slides will have first pick of our outreach manga collection (and library card design!). After that, look for us at the MegaRan concert and around the rest of the convention center to get your own free manga and other cool stuff from the library.

Want more information about what manga, anime, and outreach programs the Richland Library has to offer? Come back Sunday, April 20 at 2 p.m. for our Richland Library: Enabling Otakus Everywhere panel in the same room. See you there!


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