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Build Your Online Brand

Someone once shared a great explanation of marketing and branding:

At school, a boy approached a very pretty girl and said, “I’m a great catch.” …that’s Direct Marketing

At a football game with friends, a buddy approached a very pretty girl and said, “He’s a great catch” …that’s Advertising

At a party, a boy asked for a very pretty girl’s phone number and called her to say, “I’m a great catch” …that’s Telemarketing

On a date, a boy brought flowers, opened the door, walked a very pretty girl home, and reminded her, “I’m a great catch” …that’s Customer Relations

At the school dance, a very pretty girl approached a boy and said, “I’ve heard you’re a great catch” ...that’s BRANDING!

And, when this happens on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn… that’s Online Branding!

Successful job seekers and entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd by identifying and communicating their unique value - including having an online presence - with a consistent message and image that attracts potential employers and customers. Learn more about Online Branding this Thursday, April 25, from 12-1pm in the Business and Job Center.


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