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Photo by flickr user mrsdkrebs, used by creative commons license

Is The Columbia Writers Guild For You?

Everything intimidating about writer groups does not happen at this library program. I should know, I attended (twice)!

Is the Columbia Writers Guild full of pretentious snobs who hold their noses during a reading and give one-word reviews afterward? Not at all. Every participant thus far has been eager to listen and read, then provide constructive feedback. There is some joking around, but not at the authors’ expense, nor are writers judged against each other.

Is the Columbia Writers Guild full of “dabblers” who are all ripping off their latest favorite genre fiction and dreaming foolish dreams of winning the Nobel Prize in Literature? Wow, what a harsh question, and no, the group has varying levels of experience, ranging from English degrees to local contest winners to National Novel Writing Month devotees to constructive hobbyists.

The group meets on the first Thursday of every month from 7:00-8:30 in the Bank of America room at the Main location. Two people read selections (2,000 words or less of PG-13 prose or poetry) to the room. After each reading, everyone else gives their feedback while the reader remains silent.

If you have a story in you, or would like to help others improve theirs, feel free to join us on September 4.

Good words to you!


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