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Drake's Example

Last October, popular rapper Drake caused a stir for all the right reasons. Think getting your GED is no big deal? Drake, and the 36,000 people who retweeted his post, might disagree! Even with all he's accomplished as an actor and rapper, he wasn't satisfied without his diploma. Now he's got the kind of joy that money can't buy; it took him a long time to earn his education and achieve that goal, but he did it!

What about you? Has life thrown a wrench in your plans and kept you from getting what you want? Why not change that NOW? Whatever your dream might be, your library opens doors for you; come talk to us and let us help you find the information you need to make exciting things happen in your life.

If your goals include earning your GED, finding a job that pays the bills and makes you happy, or developing the ability to use a computer well, join us on Thursday, January 10 at noon at the Main Library. We'll share how the library can help you with GED classes, computer classes and career coaching to enhance your job search. Dr. Coates of Richland One Adult Education will conduct GED pre-test sign-up for February 2013 GED classes at Main Library at the end of the program. Call 929-3457 to register.


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