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Photo credit: Bernhard Kristinn

Elska: Live at the Library!

Hiddi hiddi! That’s how to say hello on the Island of Elska, the imaginary volcanic island off the coast of Iceland that is home to the singer Elska and a cast of quirky characters, including her two-foot-tall best friend the Goobler, an Arctic Fox and a vast colony of Lost Socks.

Her award-winning debut album, Middle of Nowhere, is packed with kid-friendly modern pop songs rendered in a spell-binding blend of vibraphones, chimes, bells, twinkling analog synthesizers and one of the most endearing and lovely voices in family entertainment. Live on stage, Elska combines theatre, storytelling, and musical performance in order to whisk away children and families on a musical tour of her Arctic home.

Bring the whole family for this unique musical adventure!

Sunday, February 22

3:00 pm

Richland Library Main - 1431 Assembly Street

Bostick Auditorium

While you're waiting for Sunday's show, check out the music video for "Midnight Sun in the Arctic" located below.

"Midnight Sun in the Arctic" - by Elska
Sarah G. Says: Elska's "Midnight Sun in the Arctic" music video
  • Island of Elska
    To learn more about Elska and her island friends, and to preview songs from the album, visit this official Elska website.

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