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Your Job Center Career Coach

Get on Track with a Job Center Career Coach

If you are unemployed, underemployed or trans-employed (looking to transitioning into a different career) then you are well aware of the many challenges that come with looking for a new occupation. It can be much like embarking on a new fitness plan to lose weight. Yes, this is my New Year’s resolution and as I began to develop my plans, I noticed the similarities between trying to lose weight and job-hunting. Both endeavors require reflecting, redefining, goal setting, tenacity and support in order to be successful. And, in each of these areas, who better to help than the expert guidance of a coach? I will need a fitness coach, but if you are looking for employment, you will want to consider a career coach. That's where I can help.

As one of the career coaches for the Job Center, I have listened to many job seekers who have spent countless hours searching job-boards, sending out tons of resumes, placing numerous follow-up phone calls, and attending various job fairs just to name a few and yet, nothing. Their efforts are greeted with silence. They become frustrated and bewildered by the lack of communication from prospective employers. Then, negative thoughts and questions begin to chip away at their self-confidence: What am I doing wrong? Why do I feel so inadequate? How come I can’t seem to get organized? Am I the only one feeling this way? The answers are no, you aren’t alone, you aren’t doing anything wrong and you definitely aren’t inadequate! You simply need to have a coach to collaborate with and help you re-organize the C.E.O of you!

In the Job Center, career coaching appointments are available to individuals seeking new employment adventures. Certified Career Development Facilitators, provide personal attention to help job seekers discover their own answers as they reflect on where they have been, where they are now and where they want to be.

Career coaching can assist you with:

  • Creating resumes, reference pages, cover letters, networking cards, career portfolios and Curriculum Vitae
  • Defining and Marketing your Career Brand: Who are you? What are your strengths? How are you Unique?
  • Obtaining Informational Interviews
  • Establishing and maximizing your online networking opportunities (i.e. LinkedIn)
  • Handling job applications with ease
  • Tracking and managing your job search
  • Navigating your career transition
  • Implementing Career Assessments to understand and define your interest, work values and learning styles
  • Researching post-secondary educational opportunities
  • Conducting a Financial Aid and Scholarship Search
  • This service is free (no library card necessary). Simply contact one of the Career Coaches to schedule an appointment:

    Sylvie Golod, GCDF Career Specialist 803.988.0897

    Lori Cook Job Readiness Trainer 803.988.0880


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