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Kurosawa to Bergman: Jean de Florette

Join us at Northeast on Tuesday, May 20 at 6:30 PM as we kick off a two-part series. We'll start with Jean de Florette as our next installment in Kurosawa to Bergmen: Films from Around the World and follow up with Manon of the Spring.

Jean de Florette takes place in a small French village after World War I. After learning of the death his uncle, Jean moves to Provence with plans to make his newly inherited farm profitible. Jean's new neighbors, Ugolin and Papet, are greedy flower farmers who want to claim Jean's land. Ugolin and Papet offer to purchase Jean's farm and after he refuses their offer, they hatch a plan to chase Jean from his farm.

If you don't think Jean de Florette is quite your taste, there are plenty of other movies in our series. Kurosawa to Bergman: Films from Around the World is a monthly event where we feature a film from a country represented in Columbia's International Corridor.

  • June - Manon of the Spring
  • July - Life is Beautiful
  • August - A Cry in the Dark
  • September - Dreams
  • October - Nosferatu
  • November - Passion of Anna
  • December - Baran
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