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Kurosawa to Bergman: Life is Beautiful

Join us at Northeast on Tuesday, July 15 at 6:30 PM as we watch Life is Beautiful on the big screen.

Set in Italy in the 1930s, Life is Beautiful follows Guido, a bookkeeper with imagination and humor, as falls in love, marries, and starts a family. When Italy is occupied by Nazis, Guido's happy life is interrupted and he spins tales for his son to protect him from the horrors of a concentration camp. In turn heartbreaking, funny, and yes, beautiful, this film is moving and worth seeing on a big screen.

If you don't think Life is Beautiful is quite your taste, there are plenty of other movies in our series. Kurosawa to Bergman: Films from Around the World is a monthly event where we feature a film from a country represented in Columbia's International Corridor.

  • August - A Cry in the Dark
  • September - Dreams
  • October - Nosferatu
  • November - Passion of Anna
  • December - Baran
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