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Kurosawa to Bergman: Manon des Sources

Join us at Northeast on Tuesday, June 17 at 6:30 PM for Manon des Sources, our next installment in Kurosawa to Bergmen: Films from Around the World, and the conclusion of our two part series of French films.

Manon des Sources begins several years after Jean's death. Jean's daughter, Manon tends goats in the countryside and lives off the land with the help of an older couple. When Ugolin happens upon Manon as she is bathing, he becomes obsessed with her and ultimately sets into action a series of events that bring justice to Jean's family.

If you don't think Manon des Sources is quite your taste, there are plenty of other movies in our series. Kurosawa to Bergman: Films from Around the World is a monthly event where we feature a film from a country represented in Columbia's International Corridor.

  • July - Life is Beautiful
  • August - A Cry in the Dark
  • September - Dreams
  • October - Nosferatu
  • November - Passion of Anna
  • December - Baran
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