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Kurosawa to Bergman: Prisoner of the Mountains

Join us at Richland Library Northeast on Tuesday, March 18 at 6:30 PM as we show the third film in our series, Kurosawa to Bergman: Films from Around the World.

Prisoner of the Mountains follows two Russian soldiers taken prisoner after an ambush by rebels in Chechnya. Sasha and Vanya are held by an old man, Abdul Murat, who hopes to trade them for his son. The soldiers react to their captivity in different ways, and a failed escape attempt determines the fate of both soldiers. Filmed a short distance from the then ongoing Chechen war, the movie is based on a story by Leo Tolstoy, "Prisoner of the Caucasus."

Not interested in Prisoner of the Mountains? No problem, we've got a pretty wide range of films that we'll show the third Tuesday of each month. Kurosawa to Bergman: Films from Around the World is a monthly event where we feature a film from a country represented in Columbia's International Corridor.

  • April - I Know Where I'm Going
  • May - Jean de Florette
  • June - Manon of the Spring
  • July - Life is Beautiful
  • August - A Cry in the Dark
  • September - Dreams
  • October - Nosferatu
  • November - Passion of Anna
  • December - Baran
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