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Think like the Employer.  Get the Interview

Think Like the Employer. Get the Interview!

In today’s competitive job market, it is imperative to research prospective companies or organizations in order to understand what their needs are so that you may set yourself apart from the many other qualified applicants.

To do this, reverse roles. Become the employer. Think like the employer. Then, as you conduct your research, you will be able to pinpoint exactly how your years of experience, pertinent skill and character traits or works style meet their specific needs.

Employers want to see employees who have accomplishments which produced these results:

  1. Increased revenues
  2. Saved money
  3. Increased efficiencies
  4. Cut overhead
  5. Increased sales
  6. Improved workplace safety
  7. Purchasing accomplishments
  8. New Products/new lines
  9. Improved record keeping process
  10. Increased productivity
  11. Successful advertising campaign
  12. Effective budgeting

By targeting your proven accomplishments to the prospective employer, you have created a golden opportunity to get an interview.

To learn more about marketing yourself to the employer, join us this Thursday for Career…Encore where April Ruff, USC's Employment Assistant Manager and Dual Career Employment Coordinator, will convey more important and empowering perspectives.

Career...Encore! Be encouraged. Be empowered. Be employed.

9:30 am Thursday, April 4 - Bostick Auditorium, Richland Library Main


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