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Supervillain Showdown: Round Two

All of the winners of last round’s matchups (linked below) are back for more as the Supervillain Showdown continues. For anyone cheering (booing?) a specific villain, the suspense is nearly over, as the next blog post will cover Round Three as well as the finale. For now, here are the midway results:

Joker vs Clayface

Clayface was a lonely force in this battle, with only one teen sticking up for the fact that one well-placed blow with an arm shaped like a mace would knock Joker out immediately. Everyone else was convinced of Joker’s intelligence and unpredictability. What if Clayface disguised himself as part of a brick wall, then attacked? “It’s impossible to second guess Joker, he’s chaotic.” What if Clayface bursts from a sewer and covers Joker? “He could use the acid in his flower to dissolve Clayface.” Joker’s trademark laughing gas was determined as a clear advantage, as was his assortment of long-range weaponry he’s been known to use. Shapeshifting and camouflage are no match for a madman with a rocket launcher, it seems.

Winner: Joker

Lex Luthor vs Sabertooth

This was probably the debate of the show. All of the facts of the battle seem to support Lex: he would be in his armored power suit usually used to battle the Justice League, while Sabertooth would be limited to his claws and natural abilities. However, where there’s a will there’s a way, and some dedicated teens would not stop until Sabertooth was given due credit.

For starters, Lex’s power suit, equipped with military-grade weaponry, is sturdy enough to take Sabertooth’s claws. That should end the fight right there, right? But the teens observed: “His head is exposed! Sabertooth is a trained assassin. He knows to target Lex’s weak point.” Lex’s strategic mind was considered superior to Sabertooth’s reliance on animal instinct (and Canadian heritage, for some reason). While Sabertooth could rip a street pole from the ground and swing it at Lex from a distance, that would not be enough leverage: “If Lex can take punches from Superman, he can take the pole!”

What about mobility, then? Lex’s suit has the power of flight; what happens when Lex dodges an attack by hovering 50 feet in the air? “Lex’s feet don’t touch the ground once in this fight,” was one suggestion. This was countered by the seemingly fabricated, “Sabertooth has mad verts,” referring to his vertical jump and climbing ability. The teen vote was split, slightly favoring Sabertooth, 4 to 3.

Winner: Sabertooth

Brainiac vs Poison Ivy

The next two matchups did not require as much argument. In this match between artificial intelligence and all the powers of flora, Brainiac was unanimously voted the winner without contest. “You can beat Poison Ivy by dropping a lit match and walking away.” Maybe if she had Captain Planet and the Planeteers on her side, but alas.

Winner: Brainiac

Magneto vs Kingpin

In another unanimous decision, Kingpin would put up a good fight, but ultimately get crushed by metal. “Magneto could flick a quarter at him and win.” The teens can be devastatingly clear about a lopsided fight, huh?

Winner: Magneto

Stay tuned for the third round, including the grand finale. Only three more matchups to go!


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